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The Open Vocational Studies 

The Open Vocational Studies online service groups together the open studies offered by several educational institutions on one electronic platform and provides anyone with a flexible way of acquiring skills. In order to guarantee access for everyone regardless of their place of residence, the studies are provided as e-learning modules to be completed either independently or under supervision by a teacher. 

The service links the studies to the electronic qualification requirements for vocational qualifications. This ensures that students aiming to complete a qualification or a unit can find the open studies they need. Students can also browse the studies available in the service by theme, field and study method. When students complete a module, they receive a certificate that can be used in the identification and recognition of prior learning when studying for a vocational qualification.

The open studies offered in the service are genuinely accessible to anyone regardless of their life situation, not only for the students of the educational institutions that provide the studies. Thanks to the service, young people and adults who are not in education or training can now use the e-learning contents provided by educational institutions, acquire and demonstrate the skills they need and move more swiftly into educational institutions to complete a qualification. 

The service provides fast learners of educational institutes the option of acquiring new skills online, enabling educational institutions to concentrate their support activities, contact teaching and guidance on the students who need them the most.

Nationally, the service offers a way of grouping together the vocational online studies and e-learning contents developed by various educational institutions and development and making them available to anyone – to educational institutions, guidance services and people who want to acquire new skills. 

The service was developed in a project called AAVA – A Clear Route to a Profession funded by The European Social Fund. The service was developed in cooperation with educational institutions and experts in guidance services. The creation, development and testing of the Open vocational studies online service and open studies involved over 2,000 target group members (both students and young people and adults outside of employment, education and training) and guidance service experts.